bill-linda-Latitude46The owners bought the vineyard in 2012 near the end of the summer. The vineyard looked lush and beautiful with plenty of grapes hanging all through the vines.

Over the next several years, the vineyard was extended and a new variety added. The vineyard output has improved as has the quality of the grapes.  The grapes are processed in-house into the wines sampled and sold at the on-site tasting room.

vinyard latitude46The vineyard contains 10 varieties of grapes. The red grapes are Frontenac Red, Marquette, Petite Perle, and Sabrevois. The white vines consist of L’Acadie Blanc, Frontenac Blanc, Seyval Blanc, ES 2-3-17, and Osceola Muscat. Our rosé is made fron Frontenac Gris. The soils vary with loam, sand, and clay at various points in the property.


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