Sea Breeze 2016

New-Brunswick Wine



Contains Sulphites

Tasting notes

Very nice shinny gold colour with pale gold thin rim.
The tears of the wine are numerous
Good clarity and no turbidity

At first the nose is nicely open so we can immediately feel the apricots, vanilla, pear, grapes
After a few minutes we can describe more delicates aromas of hints of toast, green apple, herbal, dry fruits and earthy

Young and fresh, crisp and clear.
Good herbal, mineral and tangy presence that reveals the youthness of the wine.
Then the feeling gets a little sweet but immediately balanced by a delicate tart finish
Good input of citrus, apple, butter are balancing the wine to a smooth finish

Chilled, served with Lobster, Mussels, white fish.
It can also stand on its own on a patio